Recruitment to EONS Young Cancer Nurse Network

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
Wer in der onkologischen Pflege tätig ist, unter 30 Jahre alt und der englischen Sprache mächtig ist, sollte sich diese großartige Möglichkeitet, Deutschlands junge onkologische Pflegekräfte international zu vertreten, nicht entgehen lassen!

EONS young cancer nurse (YCN)
For several years, EONS has highlighted the concerns expressed by younger cancer nurses and the challenges that they have faced. Many YCNs struggle to find full time employment, or are unable to access education and training. It is also recognised that many are having to leave their home countries to find employment elsewhere; thus, placing a further strain on the local workforce and healthcare infrastructure. YCNs also want to be recognised by and more connected to their national societies.
The YCN network would represent all the different EONS member countries and national societies. Its role would be to identify the challenges, concerns and issues that younger cancer nurses face and to begin to develop solutions and agreed actions via a peer-to-peer supportive environment.

Job Description – Young Cancer Nurses (YCN)

The national YCN representative must:

  • Be 30 years of age or under
  • Belong to their EONS national society
  • Work with cancer patients on a regular basis
  • Have more than two years of professional experience
  • Understand, speak and write English

Role and Responsibility – The national YCN representative will be expected to:

  • Outline the concerns and challenges facing YCNs in his/her country
  • Begin to develop a YCN community in his/her country and some strategies/solutions to address the issues identified, working in    partnership with the national society and EONS
  • Regularly update the EONS YCN team
  • Raise the profile of YCNs on social media, in collaboration with the national society and EONS

While this looks like a substantial request, EONS believes that this is an amazing opportunity for the personal and professional development of a YCN in your country. Although the current YCN generation is known for digital entrepreneurship and being fully engaged with new technology, we also know that, in some cases, technology and social media are not enough. We need face-to-face contact, we need ambassadors. EONS needs a team of enthusiastic young people, who are motivated to raise the profile of YCNs and cancer nursing in their own country and across Europe.

Further information can be found on our website

Bewerbungen mit Namen, E-Mail Adresse und kurzem Lebenslauf können bis zum 30 September 2017
an eingereicht werden.

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